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Not what the ownwers wanted. 

They wanted a deck that was half covered.  We wasted 6 months where I made several designs that didn't work.  I abandoned their ideas and drew this. 

Their very formal living room needed a formal outdoor living space.  The living room had a large picture window with doors on either side.  The doors lead to the porch the stairs lead to the pool.  The indoor space and outdoor space complemented each perfectly. 

During winter the outdoor lights would show the summer setting and provide warmth and security knowing that spring would come again. 

The childrens play room was below the livingroom.  There was a door under the porch.  The structural work below was as refined as the top.  Radial joists for the round.  Mortise and tennon where the beams met the 8x8 posts.  In the second picture, right of the stairs below the column, a projecting tennon is visible.


I built this in 1990.  The home was pleasantly understated.    2005 The house was sold and torn down.  The typical Greenwich McMansion stands there today.